Sports Massage

Massage (By Appointment Only)

Massage therapy is a direct, safe and non-invasive treatment which shows immediate positive results. Sports massage therapy utilizes techniques combining general and deep form of soft tissue manipulation to help all types of sports person from recreational to intense, competitive activities. Benefits of sports massage are:

  • reduce muscle tension
  • loosen up adhesion in muscle fibre
  • reduce muscular pain
  • restore muscle functionality
  • improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow,
  • allows fresh oxygenated blood carrying nutrients to repair damaged tissues
  • eliminates metabolic waste by-products from the body
  • stimulates production of chemicals such as endorphins (natural pain relief agent), melatonin (to promote sleep) and serotonin (to improve overall well-being).

These benefits, altogether, could enhance healing process and ease the intensity of pain. Sports massage therapy at Apple Physio+Rehab Centre is provided by certified Sports Massage Therapist, only subject to availability and via appointment in advance.