About Us

Company Profile

Apple Physio+Rehab Centre is a private healthcare centre established in year 2011 to offer physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports massages and pilates in Klang Valley area, Malaysia. Our elite team of physiotherapists are registered members of Malaysian Physiotherapy Association (MPA) with adherence to strict professional codes of conduct.

Specializing in spine and joints, sports injury, and musculoskeletal injury, we deliver professional, advanced hands-on skills and utilize wide range of rehabilitation services to provide comprehensive care to the community. We are also a part of the healthcare multidisciplinary team and regularly work together with other experts in this field to ensure best management of our patients’ recovery.

Vision & Mission

Advanced techniques – Our physiotherapists are enriched with additional annual overseas training to be up to date with latest research and evidence-based treatments.
Caring approach – Despite looking serious and professional at work, our physiotherapists are actually very caring and friendly whilst offering holistic approach.
Ethical professionals – Each of our physiotherapists fully focus on patient during treatment session and our detailed assessment process allows us to identify the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.
Satisfaction guaranteed – With reasonable treatment fees, we work with our patients to develop effective treatment plan to enable speedy recovery and reduce risk of complication.