Pilates (Coming Soon)


Pilates (Coming Soon)

There was abundant research to identify that core instability and muscle weakness are the possible underlying causes of injuries. Pilates focusses on these key factors specifically to design exercise method by a blend of strength and flexibility training that aim to develop core strength and good postural control. Other benefits of pilates include:

  • improve posture flexibility, joint mobility, torso stability, shoulder and pelvis stability
  • create lean and strong muscles
  • enhance muscular control of back and limbs
  • improve stabilization of spine
  • improve physical coordination and balance
  • prevention of muscle and joint injuries
  • stress management and relaxation

A variety of equipment such as resistance bands, yoga mats, foam rollers, stability balls and so on will be utilized and fully provided during pilates classes to make classes progressively challenging and more fun. Anyone or everyone could benefit from Pilates whether an athlete, pre and post pregnant women, patient recovering from injury, individuals with sedentary lifestyle.

At Apple Physiotherapy Centre, we provide small classes or even 1:1 session taught by certified Pilates practitioners to ensure high quality of individual supervision.